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Lake Loop Map

Paul Bunyan State Trail

The Paul Bunyan State Trail is the longest continually paved trail in the Minnesota State Trail system. Beginning in Brainerd, the 112 mile long trail runs north through beautiful lake country along a converted rail line to Bemidji. Once in Bemidji, the trail follows the eastern side of Lake Bemidji to Lake Bemidji State Park. Learn more about this trail »

Loop the Lake Trail

A combination of paved road with shoulder, the West Shore trail and the Paul Bunyan trail, this 17 mile route will take you all the way around Lake Bemidji.

East-West trail

The East-West Trail

The East-West Trail is 2.45 miles in length and is located on an abandon railroad right-of-way.  The trail offers a pleasant experience ranging from a more urban character in the downtown to a more rural and natural character as it heads west to connect to the Paul Bunyan State Trail.  This trail was built in 2008 and provides a great connection from the State Trail to Bemidji's Downtown.

West Lakeshore trail

The West Shore Trail

West Shore Trail provides an important connection from the downtown area to Diamond Point and Cameron Park.  This lakeside trail provides a a beautiful view of the lake as you travel through Bemidji State University campus to Diamond Point.